Who is "Camelot Fabrics"?
Formally known as Eugene Textiles and Camelot Cottons, Camelot Fabrics proudly offers a fresh and exclusive selection of eclectic fabric designs and products, by artists both homegrown and international. We are also the official licensees to many of your favorite brands such as Archie Comics, Marvel/DC Comics, Star Wars, Star Trek, and many more!


Why can’t I purchase any of your fabrics on your website?
We currently only sell to retailers and manufacturers on our website. If you are a retailer or manufacturer interested in purchasing some of our fabrics, please create an account with us!


I want to purchase some of your fabrics – where can I find a store or shop that carries your products?
Please check the “Where to Buy” section on our homepage for a complete list of retailers in your area!


What does "Quilt Shop Only" mean?
"Quilt Shop Only" implies that these fabrics are sold to independent retailers, and are not available in mass retail locations.


What is the width/size of your fabric?
Our fabrics vary in size. Please check the width/size indicated next to each fabric design.


I want to submit artwork – what is the process?
Thank you for your interest in working with us! You may email any inquiries about submitting artwork to [email protected]


I want to submit pattern designs – what is the process?
Thank you for your interest in working with us! You may email any inquiries about submitting pattern designs to marketing@camelotfabrics.com


What is your shipping policy?
Our shipping is done via FOB, Freight on Board, which means the respective warehouses are responsible for all shipping and payments. In the USA, we have warehouses in Champlain, NY and Fontana, California.  In Canada, we are located in Montreal. We ship via FedEx Ground to the USA and Canada, unless a carrier is provided. For international shipments, we use FedEx Air, unless a carrier is provided.


I have an account, but I cannot buy any of your licensed fabrics once I login – why is that?
As we do not have the rights to sell any licensed fabrics to manufacturers, if your company is a manufacturer and your account has been created as such, unfortunately we cannot sell you our licensed fabrics. 

Another reason may be that your company is located outside of the United States or Canada, and we are not obliged to sell our licensed fabrics outside of North America. 


Do you offer a catalogue?
Yes, we do offer a catalogue! You can view all our catalogues on our website, under the About Me drop-down on our homepage.  Or simply click here.


Can I use your products for a fundraiser/donation?
Please send all fundraising/donation inquiries to [email protected]


Can I sell items that I make with Camelot Fabrics' products?
We have many fabric designs that are marked “Cannot Be Used For Manufacturing”, which implies that those fabrics cannot be used to manufacture/create products with the intention of selling them.  This includes all of our licensed fabrics.





For any additional inquiries, please email us at [email protected]